Who we are and what we do

What We Do

Here at KAISER we work with HR Leaders and progressive Businesses to create better workplace habits for better workplace experiences so that you can attract and retain great staff in a more sustainable way. 


Our mission is to help you improve your employee engagement levels, improve your attrition rates and in turn improve your company's profits. We want to help businesses build their people.


Kaiser's ethos has always been to Learn and take Action so we can see Results. We apply this with every engagement we make. We are firm believers in life long learning but also know that without action nothing really changes. We aim to create workplace development programmes that are invested in your people so that they maximise their potential and help build your business.  

Who We Are

KAISER, founded by Claire McGivern in 2020 brings with it a wealth of experience having EMCC qualified coaches, mentors and experienced HR consultants from a variety of backgrounds in business that have worked through transformational change processes with Business Owners and their teams. Claire's own background stems from HR and Operations across a number of different industries including medical devices, retail, education and financial services. 

Working With KAISER

We understand that your organisation is different to that of your competitors. You have your own identity. For this reason we prefer to tailor workplace development programmes that are fit for purpose for the end users. To be able to do this we will ask questions, listen and brainstorm ideas before agreeing the right course of action for your business. There are four main areas that our business provides these customised programmes for our Clients:

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Training

  • People Strategy Consulting


Note from our Founder, Claire McGivern:

"My purpose with KAISER is to deliver a professional and dedicated service using experience, skill and on-going learning to help people in business develop sustainable and high performing behaviours and habits. I honestly believe there is an untapped market in our own abilities that we have overlooked for a long time. When a business is open to the concept of changing how they work there is a huge opportunity available to them to create a business that will be around in a successful way for a long time with a workforce that consciously chooses to stay working with them on their journeyThere is a strength with People Development that offers possibility and power to individuals and businesses allowing them to achieve much greater success. There is always room for more learning, better learning and Kaiser will help with this so you can take action and capitalise on the results".


Learn| Action| Result 


How KAISER Can Help You


Coaching & Mentoring


Coaching and Mentoring are excellent performance development supports that take a more holistic approach on the individual or group of individuals involved. The approach with these supports can be to use them as a 1:1 programme, as a group programme and/or incorporating them into how your business works so that you can create a coaching and mentoring culture. With qualified and experienced Coaches and Mentors Kaiser will ensure the right Coach and Mentor match for your business.


Workplace Training


Training is a great way to transfer and share knowledge and experience on a variety of subjects. Kaiser specialises in providing training on People Management Strategies and People Processes and also on a variety of soft skills training such as Goal Setting, Time Management, Confidence/Resilience Building and Delivery on Time. Working within the scope of your project Kaiser will design a training programme for your business that can be delivered to all levels of employees. 


People Strategy Consulting 


Kaiser can provide you with expertise in People Strategy Consulting. Whether you need support in the traditional employment stages of Recruitment, Onboarding & Talent Management or you want to create a culture that incorporates a full and positive Employment Experience we will work with you to develop an approach that is best for your business and the people in it. The key with any People Strategy is that it is embedded in the values and mission of your business and we can support your efforts to establish this.