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Get the Most out of working with Kaiser.

6 Ways to get the most our of your training with Kaiser

1. Reflect on what you would like to get most from the training

Take time before you start your training and ask yourself a few questions;

Ø Why am I doing this training? Think beyond the course learning objectives. Will it push you out of your comfort zone? Will it be a network opportunity? Is it a stepping stone to a new career or a development move within your existing one?

Ø When will you schedule time to review the notes or take-aways from the training session?

Ø How will you feel when you complete the training?

2. Note down specific questions about the training subject

What would you like to know more about? What are you unclear about? Where would you like the training to focus? If you can share these with the trainer in advance of the program, all the better. Using some real life work scenarios during the training allows for more relevant learning to happen so share this information with your trainer.

3. Know how you learn best?

If you already know how best you learn make sure you use this information to set yourself up for success both during and after the training. Eg if you are a visual learner, position yourself in the training room where you can see the trainer and any visuals they may use. If you learn better by doing make sure you volunteer yourself to take part in practical parts of the training. If you are not sure what type of learner you are click here to find out.

4. Reflect on your learning

Kaiser training courses will always include an opportunity for reflection, refresh and feedback within the group. Some useful questions for reflection are;

Ø What was the most interesting discovery I made in the training and why?

Ø What was the most challenging aspect of the training and why?

Ø What can I do differently to apply my new learning?

5. Create an Action Plan for after the training course

A good training program should encourage you to develop a plan for how you will apply your new learning into your everyday work. This action plan should include some of the following;

§ My key take-aways from the training

§ The specific actions you will take after the training – What are they?, How will these actions help you? When will you start these actions? When will you complete these actions?

§ What challenges might you encounter?

§ What will you do to handles these challenges?

§ How will you be held accountable?

6. Pair up with a coach or buddy to support your learning

Most of Kaiser’s training programmes include 1:1 coaching. If you are on a training course that does not offer this, pair up with someone from your training program or within your organisation to keep you accountable for your post training actions. Agree dates and times to meet with them and feedback to each other on what is working and what is not.

Using the above tips can enhance your learning experience of any training course. If you have any tips to share please feel free to leave a comment below.

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