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Good Busy or Bad Busy?

So often we talk with people about how busy we are......"it's been such a hectic week" ........"I can't meet up this week I've too much on", "I'm so tired, I've had so much on lately". Alot of us were brought up to believe that if we keep ourselves busy we are being productive, right? BUT there is such a thing as "Bad Busy" - the type that leaves us feeling drained and like we are still not doing enough.

In Japanese, the meaning of "Ikigai" roughly translates as the "happiness of always being busy". This "busy" refers to a "full and meaningful life. These teachings encourage finding a meaning & purpose with how we live our lives. It will be different for everyone. So while we continue to lead busy lives, make sure you are busy with things that are good for you, that bring you happiness and bring you closer to findings your passion and purpose. When you find that, you've found the gold! #ikigai #coaching #mindset #behaviour #positivepsychology #business #motivation

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