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Growth Mindset

Time and time again the topic of a growth mindset comes up when I am working with businesses. As people, most of us would like to view ourselves as individuals with a growth mindset. However, when we look back over challenges we have encountered it starts to become clear that our perceived growth mindset is not always switched on! When faced with obstacles we can choose to give up, not accept change or revert to our comfort zone even if it means we turn our back on what we really want. This is not a flaw, and really all we are doing is following a tried & tested pattern of our past behaviours. This fixed mindset approach may provide some short term safety or certainty but in the longer term it leaves us unsatisfied. A growth mindset is fluid & constantly evolving. That is because it is open to learning all the time-even when it contradicts what we once "knew" or "understood". A growth mindset requires the ability to challenge, the ability to use conflict in a way that is respectful of opposing views, open to really listening to alternative rationales (not just allowing them airtime) and accepting that sometimes we are wrong and that is ok. There is a freedom with a growth mindset that I don't believe exists within a fixed mindset. That freedom is the opportunity that we can always be better, we can always learn more, being a master at something but knowing that you must still be a student as we are only a master at a particular point in time. Learning is indefinite & for that I am always thankful!

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