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Learning from our past to focus on the future.

Now I know the above heading may not make complete sense, so bear with me! If we want to move forward, we should be focusing on what’s ahead, right? Yes – that is right, but it doesn’t mean we need to disregard the past either. Everything that has happened in the past we can learn from – the good, the bad & even the stuff we would rather forget. It’s all in the past, we can’t change it but we 100% can learn from it. With January kicked off and in full swing make sure you take some time to reflect on the year past to help you navigate your way in 2022 in achieving your goals.

Ask yourself what worked well? Now, how can you use that same approach this year? Will it work? What will you do to make sure you do use this approach? Will you need to tweak anything to keep it relevant and ensure the same good results for this year? Are you certain? How can you check/test this out to make sure? When will you start applying this approach?

Take a moment to think back on things that didn’t work out the way you had planned. Was this really a bad thing? Do you still now wish you had a different outcome? If the answer is yes, what is it you can do differently if faced with the same scenario? What currently stands in your way in overcoming this challenge? How can you reduce or remove this barrier? What else can you do? Are you 100% certain there is nothing else you can do? How will you be able to use this approach with your goals this year? When will you start applying this approach?

There is a whole host of other things you can ask yourself to fully explore all opportunities available to you both now and later in the year that can help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Consider everything at least once – even what appears to be impossible.

Finally, make sure the goals relate to what your end vision or dream is. Will the goals you set for yourself this year serve you for the long run? In what way? Can you see the direct correlation?

Now you have your goal clear in your mind write down three things you will do, with a completion date by each one, that will be steps in achieving your goal. This will be your action plan!

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