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Level Up your Self Awareness

When it comes to managing certain conversations at work we have all experienced the ones where afterwards we are annoyed with ourselves with how we reacted or behaved. It might have been a difficult situation where feedback to an employee needed to be delivered and you went with the approach of ripping the band aid off!! Got the job done but probably still living with the impact of it. It may have been very much a reactive scenario where you were at a meeting & someone disagreed with you or asked a question you took offence to & our response became a prime example of “fight or flight” and you chose “fight”!

This is life – whether it’s in work or out of work we don’t always behave the way we would chose in a rational situation.

One of the best ways to manage this is to raise the level of self-awareness we have. Self-awareness about ourselves & what makes us tick, about others and about our environment. It is not an easy task and one that will require practice but it is possible.

Developing this area of our personality is to develop our emotional intelligence. It serves us well in multiple situations to focus on developing this skill. On a personal note, we can assert and articulate ourselves much better when trying to deliver a message, within our team, whether part of one or managing one, it helps to promote a more positive team mindset and help to build better relationships with the people on that team and from a company perspective it promotes a much healthier workplace culture. One that respects empathy, one that is considerate of other viewpoints and one that promotes ideas and creativity. All that, from raising your level of self-awareness……. Well I did say it’s not easy but it is possible and at The Kaiser Agency Ltd. we run 1:1 and group workshops to develop emotional intelligence in business – get in touch to see what availability we have for you and your team.

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