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Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life: Sometimes we are so caught up in being busy, trying to achieve, trying to be better at everything all at once, it can all be a bit overwhelming and so we continue in our chaotic lives just trying to survive and get through it.

The Wheel of Life is a great tool to help analyse different parts of our lives so we can see what parts are taking all of our energy and what parts are being neglected. Although most of Kaiser's work focuses on people in business, the reality is that any changes we introduce in our business lives can have a knock on effect to every other part of our lives with most of the long term impacts being felt in the personal side of life.

Try filling out this wheel of where things are for you at this moment in time. Rate how happy you are with each segment with 10 being as happy as you can be and 1 being as unhappy as you can be. See if there are any surprises for you in there and consider how you might move closer to a 10 in some of the segments.

Be mindful that the goal here is not to get all segments to a 10 but to decide for yourself what areas you want to make improvements in now and work towards doing that.

It can also be interesting to see if by achieving a 1 in one area requires a decrease in another area! That then prompts another host of questions around what you might value the most in your life:)

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