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Why you should hire a Coach?

“Everybody should have a coach” Eric Schmidt, Google CEO.

If you are already established in your career you may wonder what benefit or value there is to considering hiring a coach.

Well, we all need and benefit from feedback, we all benefit from hearing other perspectives and a coach can offer you a perspective that you cannot offer yourself.

This feedback, this other perspective, is data. This data can be organised as information and using it with your experience and understanding it is knowledge and if knowledge is power……you see the connection!

So if up to now you thought you did not need a coach because you were senior in your role, if you thought you did not need one because you were already successful, consider why the following people work with a coach; Cristiano Ronaldo, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Buddha.

These successful people recognise the benefits of having a person who can educate, empower, support and hold them to account.

Don’t pass on the opportunity to invest in yourself with a coach just because you are already good at what you do or have already achieved success.

Contact Kaiser to book a free consultation to discover what type of coach will be most suitable for you.

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